Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Dog Tag Silencers Set

NEW RELEASE Black Dog Tag Silencers Set

$ 0.30

Description about Black Dog Tag Silencers Set :

Black Dog Tag Silencers Set – Set Includes 2 Dog Tag Silencers. Will Silence Noise and Eliminate Clanking Of Dog Tags. Made From NBR 60 Rubber Material. Silencers come in a circle but are made to be stretched over the oval size dog tags, so they fit securely. Stretch carefully around the tag, working your way around the tag.

Dog Tag Silencers were first used by American soldiers who were allowed to place rubber silencers on their dog tags so the enemy would not hear the metallic clanking during the Vietnam War. Other soldiers chose to tape the two tags together with black tape. Still others chose to wear one tag around the neck, and the other tag on the lace of one boot. All three variations were commonly seen among U.S. troops. To Install – Place dog tag into end of the silencer. Line up the holes. Stretch rubber along top edge of tag. Continue to stretch the silencer all around the edge of the tag.

Feature about Black Dog Tag Silencers Set :

  • 2 PER SET

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